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updated 2.4.2021

Fractured Fables: illustrated by family and friends with an afterword by William Paul Martin, edited by Geri Rhodes with editorial assistance by Dolores Martin and Alice Beth Rhodes, and graphic design by Ella Brown: After Ella completed the front and back covers and interior layout–dropping the illustrations into the text–in March 2020 Judith Van Gieson’s ABQ Press agreed to publish Fractured Fables, but the pandemic and the publisher’s unexpected death in January 2021 have delayed publication. Look for updates soon.

El caballo en la cocina in paper and ebook is available on Amazon and the paper version on this site. (See details below.) A new version of El caballo is available for $12, and the earlier one is half price because we found some errors that needed correcting. I don’t anticipate offering readings of El caballo because my Spanish isn’t good enough, and the translators are pretty shy, but Andrea Padilla has taken copies to Highlands University and hopes some of her students who are now teachers there will consider the book for their classes. I’ve also let people on the Chicano/Chicana Studies Facebook group know the book is available in English as The Horse in the Kitchen and in Spanish.

It’s tricky getting this new book into closed public libraries and bookstores in the time of coronavirus. The copies I had Amazon send to the temporarily-closed Los Lunas Public Library and Belen Public Library were returned as undeliverable. But Organic Books in Albuquerque has a copy that you can order online at their website Email Max to order: Alla in Santa Fe has a copy too. You can find Alla on Facebook:

Still, your best bet may be to buy the paperback ($12) or ebook ($1.99) on Amazon:

The Town of Tomé Land Grant in Tomé may be carrying El caballo en la cocina soon, and you can order it, as well as The Horse in the Kitchen and Tales from La Perla, on this website. Or contact Geri Rhodes

IngramSpark takes orders from retailers: And expanded distribution is available at KDP Amazon.

Farmhome manuscript: At my request, Paul Rhetts at New Mexico Book Co-op posted this notice in his NM Book News email on March 25, 2020:

Geri Rhodes has posted a manuscript that her husband Ralph Flores wrote before he died. She is offering this here to see if any Co-opers might want to join in a group revision of the story. All she asks as Ralph’s widow is that if anyone does make revisions, that she receive a copy and that Ralph gets credit for the original. If there are enough improvements, she volunteers to be the editor and if she can find a publisher, she would give authorial credit to everyone who contributes. Email her at if you have things to contribute to the group effort.

Editor’s note: Ralph revised this apocalyptic novel many times, and now in this time of coronavirus, it may deserve another look with new eyes.

Next Project

And now, given lots of stay-at-home time, I’m mulling over Ralph’s poems, thinking I might try to publish them together with his Moral Tales and Ruminations. So stay tuned.

Ralph C. Flores (l), the model for the fictional narrator in The Horse in the Kitchen/El caballo en la cocina, with the author
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