Update for Books in Progress

April 2021

El caballo en la cocina

Last year Patricia Padilla and Andrea Padilla completed Spanish translations of stories in Horse in the Kitchen. El caballo en la cocina is now available on Ingram Spark and Amazon’s KDP, and I have copies I can mail if you’ll order here by emailing me at geriraf@nmia.com.

It is difficult during the pandemic to distribute El caballo en la cocina, but eventually I hope Spanish classes will add El caballo, along with the English version, to their reading list. Thanks to 1106Design for helping me ready the manuscript for publication, for uploading both paperback ($12) and hardcover ($27) to Amazon and IngramSpark, and for preparing the e-book for Amazon Kindle ($1.99). The front cover shows a detail of Pancho Villa’s silver saddle photographed by High Noon Western Americana, owned by Ernie Davis, and on permanent display at the Briscoe Museum in Austin.

Graphic Design for and publication of Fractured Fables

Ella Brown designed front and back covers and the interior layout for The Illustrated Fractured Fables. ABQ Press was publishing the book until Judith Van Gieson, sole proprietor and author, died January 12, 2021. Here is what Irene Marcuse Silver, her personal representative, said on Facebook:

Dear Friends of Judith ~ I wish there was a better way to say this ~ Judith was found dead in her home in Albuquerque on Jan. 12, 2021. There is as yet no determination of cause of death; best theory is that she had a sudden stroke or heart attack, and died instantly. I’m her friend Irene Marcuse Silver in NYC, and her Personal Representative as per her will. There may be some sort of memorial gathering in Albuquerque in the spring — I don’t really know most of you, and am unable to organize anything from this distance, but I will be glad to provide whatever support I can. Judith and I were friends for more than 40 years, and I feel her loss deeply. I’ve been unable to access her email or fb accounts, so I hope that you her friends will reach out to spread the word. Thank you.

As you can imagine, many folks are processing this loss.

When I learn, I’ll announce here when and where the memorial gathering is happening. In the meantime, I’m having 48 Hour Books print copies of The Illustrated Fractured Fables to give to illustrators, family, and friends while I figure out how to make the book more widely available.

Here’s a sample of some of the creative illustrations for Fractured Fables–and there are more.

Illustration for “Revolution” by Monica Flores
Illustration for “Sharing” by Alice Beth Rhodes
Illustration for “Sharing” by Cristal Castro
Illustration for “Big Dogs, Little Dogs” by Mari Richard
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