Father and son
Ralph C. Flores (the model for Rafael in El caballo en la cocina) and author Ralph M. Flores
Geri and Ralph
Gabe and Adam at Brews Cruise
with Nina and Ben
Ben in violets
Ralph in La Joya early ’70s
Photo courtesy of Bob Christensen
Ralph making tamales 2016
Kathleen and Dustin’s wedding 2016
Diana, Mark, Larissa, Dustin, Kathleen, Andrea, Fred, Geri, and Ralph
with Cathi in Carlsbad
Paul, Ralph, and BG
Ralph, Bob, and Barb at Georgia O’Keefe’s
Dominic and Tata
Ralph and his sister Grace in Tempe (above)
with Jason in Aurora 2016
family at Deb and Michel’s September 2017
back row: Todd, Diana, Fred, Dustin, Deb, Michel, Leslie, Gabe and Mari, Bruce, Dom, Josh, Adam Mark, and Betty
front row: Andrea, Kathleen, Geri, Elena with Nina, Lucia, and Larissa
Ralph’s found art
“Someone went to a lot of trouble to move this tree.”
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